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  • Stress free immigration Assistance  process in India.
  • Professional Assistance, due diligence and personalized assistance to ensure hassle free submission.
  • Regular Updates on change in law, the process regarding FRRO, Employment Visa Extension, OCI cards.
  • Full Transparency. We adhere to all government rules & regulations to ensure 100% compliance.


Tourist Visa Extension/Stay Visa Assistance

Our Services

Professional Assistance, due diligence and personalized assistance to ensure hassle free submission.

Indian Visa Assistance

Professional Assistance, due diligence and personalized assistance for hassle free Indian Visa Registration, Extension Assistance across The Country.

Indian Visa Conversion

Foreigner National who  Marry to a Indian Passport holder and  a Indian Origin Person can apply for Visa Conversion In India

Exit Visa Permit

Exit Permit Assistance for foreigners who Overstay due to some reason, a new Born Baby born In India and Business Visa, Employment Visa holder can Apply for Exit Visa Permit.

OCI Card Assistance

A Person who is an Indian Origin, Foreigner who Marry to Indian Passport holder and PIO Card Holder can Apply For OCI Card In India

I’ve been using FarGoWorldWide for over a year now and I am so happy with their services! I will continue to use their prompt services and trust them with my passport. Service at FarGoWorldWide are absolutely fabulous. Their process is smooth, ecient and professional.
Kavya Khanna
Team at FargoWorldWide have gone above and beyond of what wa expected of them. They made the process such a breeze for extending our visa. We will be using their services again and would recommend FarGoWorldWide to anyone I meet, look forward to do business with again.
Ravi Sharma
Business Adviser

About Fargoworldwide

We’re dedicated to Providing FRRO Assistance, Immigration, personal assistance and legal Services across the Country. And has Proven Track Record of Helping Hundreds of Foreigners with Their FRRO Process in India. 
Following FRRO Assistance Services Across India: –
Employment Visa Assistance  Business Visa Assistance Exit Visa Assistance OCI Card Assistance  Visa Conversion Assistance 

24/7 Experts Support

Hassle Free Process

Update On Change in Law

24/7 Experts Support


Overstaying in India is considered as an illegal crime. A foreign person who extends its visa duration in the country may have to pay a penalty, taken by legal custody and plane be vetoed from inward the country in the future. If anyone overstays for a long period, the person will be considered as an illegal migrant.

Foreigners who are married to Indian citizens. Such a foreigner can convert his/her Tourist Visa into an X Visa by submitting relevant documents. Conversion is possible only if the partner holds a valid Indian passport. Children of Indian citizens who are citizens/permanent residents of other countries.

 It is possible to proffer your visa beyond its original expiry stage for soem Visa Excep Tourist Visa…Those who have visas that are valid for increasingly than 6 months and who are registered with the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) may proffer their permission to stay in India whilst in the country.

You are required to apply for an Exit Permit if you are Overstay In India and remaining overseas for a duration of 6 months or more. 

  • 1 passport size photographs.
  • Copy of passport/VISA/Registration Certificate.
  • Copy of valid and notarized Lease/Rent agreement OR Copy of C-Form from the Hotel OR copy of recent electricity/telephone bill along with the letter from the landlord, towards proof of residence.
  • Passport in original.
  • Copy of marriage certificate along with copy of Indian passport and Indemnity Bond.
  • Copy of birth certificate along with copy of either parents Indian passport.

A fine of Around 8640/- has to be paid for overstaying in India when unprotected for overstaying. Regardless of whether one’s overstay is for a long or short period, the individual will be regarded as an illegal migrant. Under Section 14 of the Foreigner’s Act, 1946, a foreign national who overstays his visa will be penalized

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It was a Great experience with Fargoworldwide. They are most trustworthy immigration consultants among all. Expert guidance provided my Immigration Expets helped me out and made the process very simple. Thank you Fargo!!.
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