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Indian Tourist Visa Extension/Stay Visa Assistance Due to Covid -19.

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All foreigners visiting India on long term Visa need to Apply for Visa Registration

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Exit Visa Permit Assistance for Overstay, New Born, Business Visa, Due to Covid Assistance In India.
Employment Visa Assistance
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Employment Visa Registration

Foreigners entering India through Employment Visas that are valid for over 180 days must visit their nearest FRRO/FRO within 14 days of arriving in India and register themselves. The FRRO/FRO may issue a Residential Permit containing the residential address of the Visa holder, but if there is any change in the address, the FRRO/FRO must be notified immediately.

Employment Visa Extension

State Governments, FRROs  have the authority to extend the validity of an Employment Visa beyond the initial approved period. The validity can be extended up to a total period of 5 years from the date of initial issue. The extensions can be given on an annual basis, and is subject to the Visa holder displaying good conduct and producing the necessary documents that support and validate the Visa holder as an employee or contract worker. 

Due to Covid-19

Tourist Visa Extension/Exit Permit Assistance

Indian Visa Extension/Stay Visa Extension/Exit Permit Assistance Across the Country


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